Two well known New York brands have locked arms for a unique collaboration that merges the world of food and fashion. Shake Shack, the In-n-Out Burger of the east, and Staple Design have crafted a super limited product capsule that launched last week.


Staple looped in a company from our hometown of sunny San Diego as part of the collection, Knockaround Sunglasses. The matte-black “Fort Knocks” model sunglasses ($35.00 USD) feature three-way co-branding all the way around. Even the green/blue mirrored lenses have the Shake Shack and Staple logos etched into the top corner of the right lens. Each pair of sunglasses comes with a padded carrying case, neoprene strap, die-cut stickers, and voucher for a free single cup or cone of Shake Shack’s fresh-made frozen custard ice cream. Pretty sweet (no pun intended) to see a local company get looped into this.


The limited edition t-shirt ($23.00 USD) designed by Staple Design founder, Jeff Staple, features a Shake Shack-inspired graphic that incorporates elements from both brands and well known New York landmarks. Each t-shirt comes packaged with a 5”x7” print of the t-shirt graphic on heavyweight card stock.

The collection is available exclusively online at, and

For the food element of this unique partnership, Staple linked up with Shake Shack’s culinary team to develop a frozen custard dessert deemed “Staple Concrete.” The approach was to integrate tasty elements that visually aligned with Staple’s main brand asset, the pigeon. Also super limited, this treat features vanilla frozen custard blended with seasonal raspberry jam and healthy chunks of black sesame glazed cake doughnut that were made by New York’s Doughnut Plant. Better get over there quick as this flavor is only available until Sept. 21st. Check the video below to go behind-the-scenes.



Music: Dornik Delivers Preview Of New Single “On My Mind”

Dornik Leigh steps out from behind the drum kit to deliver another gem. Towards the end of last year, we introduced the talented singer/songwriter/musician/producer with the Prince & The Revolution inspired “Rebound” which is still in heavy rotation. Here’s the official video for the tune should you have missed it somehow.

With his third solo effort, “On My Mind,” Dornik‘s silky smooth vocals floating along his cosmic R&B/electro-soul production. Good luck getting this one out of your head. Look for this one soon via PMR Records.


The sample-based disco, funk, and soul inspired strand of house music that came out of France in the ’90′s leveraged all the best bits and pieces of Chicago’s jacking house, Detroit techno, and New York disco. Like most, the ‘French Touch’ scene had humble beginnings. A small group of DJ’s and producers with a strong solidarity amongst its players defining a new generation of electronic music that spread it’s tentacles across the globe (all the way here to sunny San Diego).

For most, Daft Punk‘s game-changing debut album “Homework” and subsequent Michel Gondry directed video for “Around The World” in 1997 that was the introduction to this new sound. I remember seeing the premier of the “Around the World” video on MTV’s 120 Minutes late one night at my parents house and it having a profound impact on me. Goose bumps.

Fast forward twenty years and a film is set to premier at the Toronto International Film Festival entitled “Eden” that is an ode to this exciting time in electronic music history. The brainchild of one of the scene’s originators, Sven Hansen-Løve, directed by his sister, Mia, “Eden” begins in 1992 and takes viewers on a journey through the golden age of the ‘French Touch’ movement. The film chronicles the rise of a DJ named Paul, the first ‘French Touch’ parties in Paris, the sound’s explosion across the globe and the eventual disillusionment Paul realized when fashions changed. Although some fiction was woven in for the film, most of it is based on the actual events and players.



Daft Punk, whom are featured in the film by actors Vincent Lacoste and Arnaud Azoulay (pictured above), have not only given their blessing, but have licensed three songs (at a nominal fee) to the soundtrack including “Da Funk,” “One More Time” and “Within” from “Random Access Memories.” Without their co-sign, the film most likely wouldn’t have been made as it tells the story of an era that is very much theirs.

Check out the trailer below which features a the Daft Punk tunes that were licensed. Reviews are trickling in and most of them seem to be positive. Really looking forward to seeing this.

Earlier this week Mary J. Blige announced her forthcoming her thirteenth studio album “Mary J. Blige: The London Sessions.” Inspired by her time working with the Disclosure boys on the “F For You” edit, Blige took to London in search of a new creative freedom. She’s described her time working with Disclosure and company as like being with family. That being said, it was only a matter of time before they were to jump back in the studio again.

“The London Sessions” represent a new freedom for Blige. Embracing her driving and soulful vocal prowess while applying it to a British sonic landscape. In addition to the Disclosure crew, Emeli Sandé, Naughty Boy, Sam Romans and Rodney Jerkins contributed to the new record.

We now have our first taste of her time in London with “Right Now” which was written and co-produced by Disclosure, Sam Smith, and Jimmy Napes. Can’t wait to hear more!

“Mary J Blige: The London Sessions” will be released in November via Capitol Records.


San Diego is now world renowned for our top notch craft beer skills. A host of local breweries have grown from a guy in a garage, to global empires. One of the local players on the rise is Saint Archer Brewing Company. Founded by a collaborative of world-class brewers and a host of artists, musicians, and action sports stars. The list of all-star ambassadors include skateboard pros Paul Rodriguez, Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Mikey Taylor, photographer Atiba Jefferson, as well as pro surfers Taylor Knox, Dusty Payne, and Laura Enever.

Saint Archer just announced their first ever collaboration beer; a special release with Girl Skateboards. Together they’ve crafted a new beer modeled after the pilsners brewed in Northern Germany.


The Hoppy Pilsner is a refreshing crisp, clean, flavorful brew with a pale straw color derived from German grain. Look for the co-branded black 12 oz. six-pack cans throughout Southern California this month.


Dirtybird head honcho admittedly goes a bit ‘emo’ with his reinterpretation of London Grammar’s emotional smash hit from last year, “Strong.” Here’s the original for context.

Interesting to hear this softer side of the Claude VonStroke sonic palette. Lead singer Hannah Reid’s soaring vocals are strategically interwoven amongst the melancholy guitar, house shuffle, and four-to-the-floor kick. Overall, a well balanced and dreamy effort.

VonStroke’s remix is available now as well as efforts from Tensnake, Zero 7, Tourist, Evian Christ, and UNKLE as part of London Grammar’s new “If You Wait – Remixes 2” EP via Columbia Records.