It was inevitable that Disclosure was to write at least one song with their buddy Sam Smith for their forthcoming sophomore album “Caracal.” The boys have reunited once again for “Omen,” the second single from the new record and part two of the four-part short film concept that was developed to support the album. Since hitting the web just a day or so ago, the video has clocked over two million views and the single has hit the top of the iTunes charts in the UK and US.

In case you missed it, here’s the part one of the film, released along with the lead single “Holding On” featuring Gregory Porter.

Here’s “Omen” featuring Mr. Smith who has gotten quite fit in recent months. Looking forward to seeing who gets remix duties on this one. Stay tuned.

While you’re here, check out the Disclosure boys going B2B with Radio 1Xtra’s DJ Target. They drop a few exclusives and tunes from “Caracal” in the mix.

Adam Goldstein’s impact on the art of DJing and it’s culture is immeasurable. His place in music history is cemented by his epic work ethic and Jedi-like skills as a turntablist. The man knew no boundaries and absolutely put dance music on the radar of many crowds here in America via his genre-bending club and festival sets. A tragic loss indeed.


Given full access to DJ AM’s laptops, journals, and personal collections by Adam Goldstein’s mother, director Kevin Kerslake was presented with the opportunity to tell DJ AM’s story. An early cut of “As I AM: The Life and Time$ of DJ AM” premiered at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival and will close out the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival later this week. The film not only chronicles Goldstein’s rise to fame as a celebrity DJ but also reflects on his struggle with addiction and devotion to helping others with the same affliction. In line with auctions tied to DJ AM’s extensive vinyl and sneaker collections, a portion of the film’s proceeds will be donated to the DJ Memorial Fund which is linked to the Grammy Foundation as well as MusiCares. Both programs support music and addiction recovery treatment.

“As I AM” isn’t a finished product just yet. The filmmakers have recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the music licensing, marketing, and distribution which would push it across the finish line for all the world to enjoy. The perks assigned to the various donation levels are pretty epic. USB drives stocked full of exclusive mixes, one-of-a-kind items from his personal collections (sneakers, vinyl, vintage t-shirts, artwork), and the grandaddy of them all….the custom Daft Punk costume that he wore for his 2008 HARD Haunted Mansion set which set the internet on fire. For a cool $50,000.00 USD, you can own the personal costume which was handcrafted by Daft Punk’s tailor with Thomas Bangalter’s blessing. The “Discovery” era premium black leather jacket has the custom ‘DJ AM Funk” studded logo on the back and you also get the exact replica Bangalter chrome helmet. Pretty insane opportunity for a super fan with a lot of disposable income.

The documentary includes interviews with a host of DJ AM’s friends and peers, including Mark Ronson, Diplo, Jon Favreau, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mix Master Mike, A-Trak, and more. Check out the first sneak preview of the film below and head over to the Indiegogo campaign page to sort through the donation options.

In addition to celebrating their 250-year anniversary, Hennessy has unveiled their latest limited edition artist bottle. After noteworthy collaborations with the likes of KAWS, Futura, Os Gemeos, and Shepard Fairey, a new release with artist Ryan McGinness has been announced.


The New York-based multimedia artist has made a lot of noise in the fine art world with exhibitions around the globe. McGinness works in many mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, print, and product design. As the fifth in the series of Hennessy’s world-renowned artist collaborations, McGinness’ take on the iconic Hennessy V.S label is an extension of his “Black Hole” series.


Colorful flourishes and swirls fold in on themselves as the central nervous system of the design McGinness applied to the label which also includes a black light component. He’s been pursuing the glow in the dark approach to some of his other work so it made sense to apply that element to the label. Despite the technicological challenges and the extra printing costs, Hennessy approved. The result is quite stunning as you’ll see.

Only 3,000 individually numbered editions are available. The collection includes a gift box, 2 Hennessy V.S bottles with exclusive Ryan McGinness label designs, 2 artwork coasters, and a keepsake booklet. You can pre-order a single bottle for $42.00 USD or the gift box which retails for $150.00 now.

Southern California-based lifestyle brand Nixon recently introduced the latest in their line of rugged/stylish timepieces, the Ranger 40. Inspired by military field instruments, the Ranger 40 is as eye-catching on the wrist as it is built for the long haul.


The Ranger 40 has Miyota Japanese quartz 3 hand movement and crown placement at 4 o’clock. The dial features printed hours and seconds track on the concave ring as well as custom molded hands in white with blue highlights against the matte black custom stainless steel case. The black 20mm custom solid stainless steel free-swing 3 link bracelet and solid stainless steel double locking clasp with micro adjust round out this masculine piece of wrist candy.

Equally versed in both skate and surf, Curren Caples represents a new breed of crossover action sports athletes. The Nixon rider is featured in the short clip below as part of the release of the Ranger 40. Here Caples speaks to his passion for all things surf and skate. The kid was practically born with a board in his hand. Certainly a bright future ahead for young Caples. Check it out.

The Nixon Ranger 40 is available now at select retailers and on In addition to the black colorway, you can find it in Bronze/Gunmetal, all Gunmetal, and all Gold for a reasonable $200.00 USD.

Have to admit that when this thing originally hit our radar there was plenty of scepticism. Certainly saw the design appeal but never would have thought that the sound quality would be top notch. Well, looks like audiophiles from around the globe have made their voice heard as the Kickstarter goal for Gramovox’s Floating Record Turntable has been absolutely smashed. The meager $50,000.00 USD goal was eclipsed in no time. At the time of publishing (with 10 days to go), there has been over $1,200,000.00 USD pledged.

The folks at Gramovox engineered the Floating Record to flawlessly play your vinyl vertically and output full-range stereo sound. They basically deconstructed the elements of a premium horizontal turntable setup and reconstructed it into this radically new design. The key was making sure the tone-arm and tracking force was right. They crafted a fully adjustable carbon-fiber tonearm with the tracking force dynamically applied by a spring versus a traditional counterweight. Engineers found that the spring loaded tracking makes for higher consistency of tracking considering all vinyl records aren’t perfectly flat and can be warped. Right out of the box, the tonearms are factory-set at an optimal tracking force of ~2 grams. Taking the process of having to optimize tracking out of the equation. No record skips or skating here. They even include an Audio Technica AT95E cartridge which provides a warm sound with a smooth high end, sweet mids and rich low end.


This beauty is not only a stunner visually but is incredibly user-friendly. Need to bounce between 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM records? No problem. You can easily switch between them by simply moving the silicon belt over the inner or outer groove of the middle gear. Want to plug this into your existing stereo system at home? No problemo. The “Line Out” on the back bypasses the internal amplifier/speakers and takes the signal from the built-in phono preamp to the “Line Out” RCA jacks.

The Gramovox team took the Floating Record to one of the most iconic music recording studios in Chicago, the aptly named Earhole Studios. The audio engineers at this place know sound just about as good as anyone on the planet. A perfect place to put the turntable to the test. Here’s the result.

The beauty of the Floating Record Turntable is that it is truly made for everyone. The hobbyist to the seasoned vinyl junkie will both be equally satisfied with this product. Icing on the cake is that it only takes a matter of minutes to set up right out of the box. No need for extra gear to ensure you’re getting the best sound possible. The integrated design, performance, and aesthetic of the Floating Turntable have made the Kickstarter campaign a massive success which means that we will all have the opportunity to get our hands on one soon. There is a short time left to get in and donate. Make your move now!

The long-awaited debut album from Julio Bashmore is on the horizon. Set for release on August 7th, “Knockin Boots” represents a year’s worth of studio time as an artist in residence at London’s Red Bull Studios. Bashmore has released a number of streams from the record and it’s chalk full of infectious, soulful, and uplifting vocal house music.

During the making of the record, Red Bull Music spent plenty of time with Bashmore getting a behind-the-scenes look at not only his creative process but also his day-to-day life. Director Daniel Brereton (who’s done music videos for the likes of Kindness, Metronomy, Erol Alkan, and others) spent a few days with Bashmore in his hometown of Bristol in addition to London where he was able to see where he grew up, meet his family, and capture some great footage of the cast of characters in the artist’s life as well as integrate a few of the folks who were involved in the making of the album. Certainly not your ordinary album promo video. Enjoy.

Julio Bashmore’s “Knockin Boots” is available to pre-order now via iTunes ahead of its August 7th release. Also, check out the wicked Bashmore remix of Disclosure’s latest, “Holding On,” featuring Gregory Porter.