Gear: DSPTCH Releases New Tech Messenger & Gym/Work Bags

San Francisco-based DSPTCH have a reputation for crafting durable and functional goods tailored towards photographers, travelers and the ‘on the go’ working professional. Founded in 2010 out of founder Richard Liu’s apartment while he was still working another full-time job, DSPTCH has come a long way. The product line has expanded from camera straps to an impressive line of gear including packs, slings, cases and a host of camera accessories.

In coordination with the opening of their first flagship store in San Francisco, DSPTCH have released two new bags lending themselves to the lifestyle of today’s working professional.


The new black Gym/Work Bag (dimensions: 22″ x 10″ x 8″) makes a perfect accessory for those who weave workouts into their daily work schedules. Along with laptop (fits a 15″ slim laptop comfortably) and tablet compartments, the bag integrates a ventilated shoe compartment, wet/dry pouch for gym clothes and a hidden security pocket. Lined with moisture-resistant nylon packcloth and a ventilated panel for increased airflow, the Gym/Work Bag does it’s job to air out any of the funk from your post workout gear.

The Gym/Work Bag is available now for $184.00 USD.



DSPTCH also unveiled a new black Tech Messenger Bag (dimensions: 15″ x 13″ x 4″). An ode to the classic messenger bag, this retooled piece has all the modern functionality today’s working professional demands. The Tech Messenger has a freestanding design that allows you to stand it up on your desk or workspace for easy access to your goods. It features a padded laptop sleeve (also fits a 15″ slim laptop comfortably), separate tablet compartment, cable management and several additional pockets for your other accessories.


The Tech Messenger Bag is available now for $192.00 USD.




The latest extension of the ongoing collaboration between multi-media designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and Starbucks (Japan) has arrived just in time for the holidays. Earlier in the year, Fujiwara launched a custom designed Starbucks store in Tokyo’s Omotesando fashion district.


The new set of three (Tall, Short, Espresso) coffee mugs embrace a minimal approach in black. With an overall glossy black finish and the infamous fragment design logo embedded on the inside base, these gems will make for a masculine yet stylish vessel for your daily caffeine fix.


Unless you’re planning on getting over to Tokyo soon these are probably going to be tough to get your hands on. Due to their limited production, you can only purchase four mugs at a time. Looks like the Tall version is already sold out online.



Design: The Penthouse By ODA New York

A yet to be named billionaire teamed up with architectural firm ODA New York to craft one of the most luxurious penthouses in the United States. Located on the 90th floor, this immaculate 18,000 square foot space has 360 degree views of Manhattan. 6 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, sculpture garden, theater and music room, 30 foot waterfall with reflecting pool, private spa/gym, teahouse, private elevator and a spectacular 2,000-bottle wine room are just a few of the highlights.

The extensive renovation of the space took the firm four years to complete. Take a look around.


















A little less than a year ago, New York and New Zealand-based Richard Clarkson Studio unveiled “The Cloud,” and interactive lamp and speaker system designed to mimic a thundercloud. The motion sensors baked into the piece detects your presence and lights up and sounds like a thunder storm. The system’s core speaker system can also stream music via Bluetooth while the color-changing lights adapt to your preferences (small wireless remote is included). The cloud-like material is a hypoallergenic fiber on a sponge casing.

The original Cloud starts at $3,360.00 USD so certainly not attainable for most folks. Surely due to the great amount of press and demand, Clarkson and team have crafted a smaller version aptly called “Tiny Cloud.” This new version is designed for a wider audience but still has most of the bells and whistles included in the original. You still get the LED music reactive Bluetooth speaker, remote and ambient lighting modes.

“Tiny Cloud” is available now for pre-sale now (ends December 11th) at $340.00 and will increase in price to $480.00 USD thereafter.


– 8″ x 8″ x 7″ – (estimate measurements as each cloud is unique in shape)
– Input Voltage 110-240v at 50-60Hz
– Color Changing LEDs, Remote, Integrated Bluetooth Speaker, 6ft cord length, Lightbulb-to-Plug adapter
– Music reactive mode/lightning mode, ambient-lamp mode, demo mode



Tech: Hush Introduces World’s First Smart Wireless Earplugs

Three young San Diego-based entrepreneurs/students (all of them name Daniel) recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that quickly blew through their original goal to raise $100,000.00 USD to launch Hush, the world’s first smart wireless earplugs. As of today, they are on the verge of hitting the $500,000.00 USD mark. Fueled by a ton of press, these future millionaires are well on their way to launching an innovative way to shut out unwanted noise.

The Hush technology was designed primarily for those who are looking to filter out most noise while they sleep while allowing for select alerts, like an alarm clock tone for example. The earplugs tie wirelessly to your smartphone via the Hush app that does the heavy lifting on sorting which notifications you want to hear. Great opportunities for integrations like baby monitors, home security systems, fire alarms and more. The app also offers up a library of sleep inducing sounds.

The team at Hush is targeting May 2015 for the first shipments. The retail price will be $149.00 USD while those that got in early on the Kickstarter are getting them for $99.00 USD.


Back in July, we got a first taste of a new Paradis EP on the way entitled “Couleurs Primaires.” The dreamy, sexy and sophisticated “Garde Le Pour Toi” had us eager for more. We now get a listen to the second single, “Sur Une Chanson En Français.” London-based director Daniel Brereton does a spectacular job reinterpreting the warm vibe of the tune.

Pre-order the new “Couleurs Primaires” EP now (due January 19th, 2015).