Gear: Commodity Is Looking To Change the Fragrance Game

Always a pleasure to help spread the word about great ideas. Los Angeles based branding/creative agency Ferroconcrete has cooked up a potential game changer for the fragrance industry. They’ve leveraged their internal resources and a partnership with a 160 year old French fragrance house to craft Commodity. The business model is centered around the idea of empowering men and women to personalize scents to their taste, giving them a chance to test them out, then settling in on one to make a proper batch of.

Unfortunately, ‘smell-o-vision’ hasn’t been created for the net yet so Commodity is offering a ‘try, then chose’ scent tailoring approach. Once you’ve sorted through the twenty available scents and chosen a few relevant to you, a tester kit (five testers included) will be sent your way. Once the kit is delivered, you’ll have a week or so worth of product to try out before you lock in on a favorite flavor. From there you can purchase a 30ml set or 100ml bottle which will be delivered to your door (free shipping).


A Kickstarter account was created for Commodity to raise the necessary funds to make this thing real. They’re at the halfway mark of the $50,000 funding goal (with 16 funding days left at time of publishing this post). Lots of options and great rewards for pitching in to assist. Check it out.


Here’s a video update from the Commodity team.

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