UK Producer Rustie Is One To Watch In 2012

Ok…in music blogger terms I guess I’m late on this one since it’s been bouncing around for a month or so. So, for the rest of the future music loving population, here’s something fresh from a young UK producer by the name of Rustie. There’s a post-dubstep sound that slowly but surely making it’s way into the mainstream. Rustie could very well help push that forward.

“Ultra Thizz,” hit stores in October as part of Rustie’s debut EP “Glass Swords” (via Warp Records). Thankfully, he’s not married to the dubstep genre although it acts as the central nervous system of this particular tune. You can pick up on all sorts of additional influences in his work. UK grime, Detroit techno, American hip-hip, funk, and R&B. You get the vibe that he’s having a lot of fun making music and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Cheers to that. No doubt that this track sounds amazing on a proper club sound system. Looking forward to giving it a whirl soon.

Rustie is definitely one to keep an eye on in the new year. Give “Ultra Thizz” and the rest of his debut EP a listen. Let us know what you think.

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