TRON Legacy at Comic-Con

Our laid back beach town turns into a miniature Hollywood this time of the year. The annual Comic-Con event is here and it’s all about TRON Legacy. Last year it was officially announced that Daft Punk was on board and the score was already complete. So the buzz continued to build throughout the year. The soundtrack is set to be released a month ahead of the film in November. You can pre-order it via Amazon now. Jason Bentley played match maker between the film’s director and the Daft Punk boys. A match made in heaven. Lots of talk of a performance here in San Diego this weekend but probability is very low. What is sure to happen are a couple of performances closer to the release of the film. Most likely LA and London. Stay tuned.

TRON fanatics were sent on a scavenger hunt around the city to secure tickets to gain entry to a replica arcade where a surprise was waiting. Check it out.

At the panel for the film, Disney was kind enough to share around eight minutes of footage for those lucky enough to be in the room. Someone in the crowd caught it on video. Daft Punk makes there appearance at the 6:31 mark.There were so many rumors that Daft Punk were to perform here in San Diego. Although we hear they may have made an appearance in human form (minus the robot gear) at a TRON/Myspace party but there was no performance. There are sure to be promotional performances of some kind closer to the release of the film as confirmed by Jason Bentley and the director. Until then, here is something to get you in the mood.

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